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Discover your child's gut health, take action with a personalized action plan and get support from our Nutritional Coach.

The gut microbiome develops greatly in the first 1000 days of life and plays a key role in our overall health, for life. Learn and discover to stay on top of your child's gut health, when it matters the most.


Understand your child's gut microbiome composition and how it relates to immune system development, metabolic health & brain health.

Baby being interested in solid food, being given a chicken leg

We share personalized tips and advice on how you can take action. We keep it simple and understandable, with science-backed results.


We are with you on the entire journey. Once you make changes, you can take another test to track your child's gut health and family's lifestyle over time.

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Our product is tailored to children 0-24* months. Available for residents in Sweden.

One child gut microbiome test (for children 0-24 months)

Detailed gut microbiome insights reviewed by experts

An action plan to improve your child's gut microbiome, based on established science

A 1:1 (30 minute) consultation with our Certified Nutrition & Health Coach

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Note: The insights and action plan are delivered in English, and the 1:1 consultation is held in English.
* Is your child over 24 months old? Sign up to our waitlist and we'll get back to you once we expand to other ages!

Alba is simple, science-based and actionable

1. Test at home

We send you an easy-to-use stool collection kit (2 minutes to complete), and you send it back to us for free. We also collect a questionnaire about your family's lifestyle and health.

2. Get a map to your child's gut

Let us do the heavy lifting to interpret the results. You get clarity on you child's gut diversity and how it relates to immune development, metabolic- and brain health. You discover what influences the development of these areas and how you have the power to take action.

Regardless of your family situation and choices, we offer recommendations on diet, supplements options and how some environmental changes can make a difference.

3. Get support

Discuss your action plan with our certified Nutrition & Health Coach Michelle, over a 30 minute 1:1 consultation.

Michelle is the author of the book "Grow Healthy Babies", referencing over 660 scientific studies on how to lower the risk of allergies, asthma and eczema by taking action in the first years of life.

Hear from Alba's users

"Very simple, very actionable. I can implement several of the recommendations already tonight."


"I want to know everything related to my son. Alba explains the WHY behind the way my son’s gut microbiome looks and provides simple actions that I can easily manage in my everyday life."


"We are very thankful for the report and we have already taken some actions. We will for sure sign up for a follow up."


Tell me more about the microbiome test

How is a microbiome test performed?

From a stool sample taken from your child's diaper, we are able to collect the DNA of all gut microbes. From their DNA we can tell exactly which bacteria are present and what they are doing in your gut.

We analyze bacterial DNA only and we do not analyze your own DNA!

What can you tell from a microbiome test?

In children, it depends on the age. The child's microbiome is constantly evolving from birth to adulthood, so monitoring its trajectory and development over time is even more informative than looking at only one snapshot.

From one microbiome test, you will discover:
- Gut microbiome diversity, which is an important indicator in microbiome analysis
- Share of friendly bacteria, promoting healthy development
- Share of bacteria protective to and training the immune system
- Share of bacteria supporting metabolic health
- Share of bacteria supporting brain health

Most importantly, you will receive an action plan with practical suggestions on how to improve your 's gut microbiome covering diet, environmental exposure and supplements (only if needed) reviewed by our experts in Science & Nutrition and discussed with you in a 1:1 consultation (30 minutes) with our Nutrition & Health Coach, Michelle.

Our certified Nutrition & Health Coach and Parent Coach, Michelle Henning, also authored the book "Grow Healthy Babies: The Evidence-Based Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy and Reducing Your Child’s Risk of Asthma, Eczema, and Allergies" (2021). Michelle's book reviewed over 660 studies on the subject and is has been praised by key opinion leaders: “One of the best books I have ever read. As scientist, obstetrician, and a trainer - it's essential reading for anyone working in pregnancy health to be able to give the right advice to women to nurture their baby and optimise their future. ” - Dr. Karen Joash, Obstetrician, Gynecologist and Director of Medical Education at Imperial College London & NHS.

References: Stewart CJ, Ajami NJ, O'Brien JL, Hutchinson DS, Smith DP, Wong MC, Ross MC, Lloyd RE, Doddapaneni H, Metcalf GA, Muzny D, Gibbs RA, Vatanen T, Huttenhower C, Xavier RJ, Rewers M, Hagopian W, Toppari J, Ziegler AG, She JX, Akolkar B, Lernmark A, Hyoty H, Vehik K, Krischer JP, Petrosino JF. Temporal development of the gut microbiome in early childhood from the TEDDY study. Nature (2018);

Are there any risks or discomforts associated with the test for my child?

No, the stool sample will be collected from the child’s diaper.

How often should we test?

It depends on your individual situation and on your latest results. We stand for personalised recommendations and support, and part of our service is to guide you to take the most informed decision for your family's health.

Each time you test with us, you will have a 1:1 consultation with our Nutrition & Health Coach, who will recommend the best path for you.

How do you store my data?

Your data is stored in the European Union according to GDPR. That means your name and address will be separated from the rest of your submitted data, so that it cannot be tracked to you. Your data will not be transferred outside of the European Union and is stored securely.

Will this test diagnose diseases?

No, this is a wellness product. We do not intend to diagnose or treat disease and the test does not substitute for medical consultation.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to various locations specified in the checkout. The report and action plan is delivered in English, and the 1:1 consultation is held in English.

Still have questions?

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