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with a Good
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Empower your baby's gut health for the best start in life

Gut health in the first years of life is linked to common symptoms and chronic conditions later in life.

We help you improve your baby’s gut health and diet, based on the latest science.

Together, we collect anonymised data to advance child health research

Our vision: a world were common child symptoms and chronic conditions are solved or prevented.

We have a research collaboration with one of the largest studies in the world*

We work with the Health and Early Life Microbiota (HELMi) cohort at the University of Helsinki




Microbiome samples


Lifestyle datapoints


Years of data

*The Research Collaboration between Alba Health and the University of Helsinki does not involve processing of personal data from the HELMi cohort by Alba Health.

Meet our experts

Prof. Willem de Vos

Human Microbiome

Prof. Yvan Vandenplas


Prof. Willem de Vos

Human Microbiome

Prof. Willem de Vos

Human Microbiome

This is how Alba works

Alba Health demo product package of their gut microbiome test kit

Test at home

We send you an easy-to use stool test kit (5 minutes to complete) and you send it back to us for free

Preview of Alba Health results showing a decorative gut maturity graph and a gut composition bar chart of the gut microbiome

Get your results

We analyze your microbiome in our certified lab and send back your detailed results

Alba app interface example

Take action with our experts

You meet one of our coaches to craft your personalized action plan, based on your objectives


Get support along the way

Your coach will check in weekly to make sure you get the most out of Alba, ask questions any time

Gut composition

Protective bacteria

Baby's gut development


What you get

Detailed and deep insights into your family's microbiome

App preview of the Alba home page

1:1 consultation with a dietician, to define a personalized plan

App preview of the Alba Support page

Access to Alba's community and evidence-based content

App preview of the Alba Community page
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We are on a mission to help parents raise a healthier generation.

Join us in advancing gut health understanding for the generations to come

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