Why Alba

Alba Health was started by Nora Cavani and Distinguished Professor Emeritus Willem de Vos in 2022.

Nora has multiple food allergies and eczema and knows that lifestyle, in particular diet, strongly affects her symptoms. She started to research why chronic conditions start and what it would take to stop them for good. She was surprised to find out that lifestyle and gut health in the first years of life can affect the chances to have allergies or eczema later in life!

Willem is a key opinion leader in Microbiome Science, with over 800 publications, and in the past 20 years he has focused on studying how the gut microbiome in the first years of life affects health in later life, in particular chronic conditions.

Nora and Willem started Alba Health to empower families in achieving a healthy lifestyle, whilst collecting anonymised data to advance chronic disease prevention.

Our vision is a world where chronic diseases can be prevented and solved, powered by microbiome science and AI.

We are on a mission to help parents raise a healthier generation.

Join us in advancing gut health understanding for the generations to come

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